In Japan, the preparation of food is an art form. At Samurai, we have elevated it to the art of entertainment, with chefs skilled in the teppanyaki — or hibachi — cooking tradition, to the delight of diners and their appetites. Characterized by an intricate combination of presentation and knife skills, teppanyaki cooking has developed into a highly renowned and beautiful form of expression.

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Samurai is known for its teppanyaki cooking on hibachi tables. Today, Samurai is also becoming known for its mouthwatering sushi, serving popular items such as sashimi, specialty maki and hand rolls.

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Children love Samurai, and we love having children visit our restaurant. That's why we have created a special menu for children 12 and under so they can enjoy the full Samurai experience in child-sized portions. Children's menu entrées are served with Japanese onion soup or Samurai salad, shrimp appetizer, vegetables (corn, zucchini and onion), steamed rice and ice cream.

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